Making Life Easier

Our daily lives can get so busy; sometimes I feel that I’m just about hanging on, but know that it’s only going to take one small thing to push me over the edge. However, I really believe that we make life unnecessarily difficult sometimes. I’ve made a list of some of the things I catch myself doing (or not doing) from time to time, and would like to share it, in the hope that it resonates with one or two of you.

  • Only carry one bag round with you. It seems like a silly thing, but I found that I get stressed a lot quicker when I’m carrying around two or three bags as well as a coat and folder. Decreasing the number of things you carry will also save you back, and make you less tired. Pack your bags efficiently and get rid of things that aren’t essential. A smaller lunch box takes less space, and I’ve also taken to having smaller water bottles (they come with the added benefit of making you get up and move when you want a top up!). Making little changes like only carrying one bag can also make you come across as being more organised and professional.

  • Plan your week in advance. I like to write a huge to-do list at the beginning of the week, then assign the tasks to different days. I’ve found this to be a technique that really puts my mind at rest, as each day has a manageable number of tasks but over the course of the week, you can tick an awful lots of tasks off!


  • Learn to say no. Oh this is such a difficult one for a lot of us – it took me years to get better at this, and I still occasionally catch myself saying ‘yes’ to something I don’t want to do. Not being able to say no can cause so much stress in the short term, and result in low self esteem in the long run, as you inevitably fail to do everything you’ve signed up for. You might feel like you’re letting people down by declining their request, but surely it’s better to tell them straight, from the beginning, rather than promising something you’ll have to cancel later on?

  • Get to know yourself. Once you know yourself inside out and back to front, you’ll know the warning signs and be able to stop it before things get out of hand. This is especially helpful for preventing feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, exhaustion and stress. For example, I know that I am taking on too much when I forget to go to meetings or appointments. Once I’ve missed a meeting, I know that I need to drop a couple of things in the coming week, in order to have some down time, and think clearly again.

  • Make your dinner portions larger and freeze what you don’t eat. It’s so nice to have something nutritious but tasty on one of those days where you’re pushed for time.

  • Writing things down can save so much frustration. Deciding to get a planner was one of the most useful decisions I’ve ever made.


  • At the beginning of the year, write down all your friends’ and family’s birthdays. This will save you panic-buying a card or gift the day before, and crossing your fingers that it arrives on time!

  • Make travel arrangements well in advance, as last minute booking can get very expensive, which only adds to more stress.

  • Work towards becoming more flexible in your aims and goals. This is probably the one I’ve spent the most time on improving during the past year. I made so many plans, and set out how I wanted things to go, but of course, life just isn’t that simple. Once I started to accept that nothing was definite, and even if one thing didn’t turn out as I wanted, there were so many other opportunities, I became a lot happier. I feel that I made life more difficult than it needed to be, by setting definite goals for myself and not being open to other options.

  • This is definitely habit that I don’t do enough, but drink water. So many pains, funny tummies, headaches and cramps are caused by dehydration, so drinking more fluids seems a small price to pay, to prevent your productivity being affected my minor illnesses. But having said that, I don’t drink enough. I’m trying.

  • Aim to be 10 minutes early to everything. Having to rush makes every situation worse.



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