Be Inspired by the People Around You

Since I finished university in June, I have travelled a little, found a job, graduated and moved across the city. And I have had the most fantastic time. This is partly to do with the places I’ve been, but mostly because of the people. They have been a constant source of guidance and inspiration, it’s overwhelming really! So I thought I’d share, and spread a little positivity.

Firstly, I’ve moved into a community house with 7 other people. I’ve been house sharing as a student, for the last three years, but my experience so far in my current house has been surprisingly different. My new housemates are older than me and have lead such interesting lives, and have thought provoking opinions. It’s so great spending time with very open – minded people, and I’ve learned things I knew little about, whether it be Bolivian Culture, Thai muscle therapy or methods of vegetable planting. I love that my housemates are keen gardeners, as pretentious as this sounds, it’s so liberating to go into the garden and pick salad, beetroot, garlic, potatoes, herbs and onions for dinner, and not have to rely on shops. As a keen cook, this is definitely something I will hold dear for the rest of my life.

Still on the subject of my housemates, (one in particular), I’ve found it inspiring how much they care about animals. Last week, I was walking home when I came across a large family of cats and kittens by the side of the road. Upset about this, I ran home, and told my flatmate that I wanted to do something to help. No sooner had the words left my mouth, she jumped up, found some cat food, grabbed blankets and told me to hop in her car, no questions asked. Most people would have made excuses as to why we shouldn’t be heading out after 9pm, or said that stray cats should be left alone, but not her. I was so grateful and so happy.

My next story is about kindness too. I met a lady recently at a friend’s BBQ (she lived at the house), and after we chatted for a little while, I found she had only recently come to the UK from Europe and was starting a new life here. She was recieving training for a job and was settling down, which I admired immensely. I would never have the courage to up sticks and move to a different country. To add to this, she prepared so much communal food for the meal we were sharing together; I was moved by her generosity and decided to make more effort to follow her example from that day on.

On the subject of generosity, we have some close family friends who, besides being the kindest, most knowledgeable, friendly people you could hope to meet, seem to have perfected the art of gift giving. Birthday cards from them are always humerously personal, and the gifts are so thoughtful and well put together. I’ve looked up to them as role models for a number of years now, but having recently recieved a framed photo montage from them, I decided I would no longer buy someone a present without putting thought into it first. It makes such a difference to the recipient.

Last weekend, I was camping at a reenactment event, and heard about another act of kindness. My partner has gone to a Pewter caster to buy me a present but apparently the artist in question, upon hearing that it was a romantic gift, refused to sell him any of his castings on display because ‘they weren’t special enough’, cut off the one stitched to his hat, and handed that over instead. Yet another person who went above and beyond, all without batting an eyelid. 

These are only a few of the people I have had the pleasure to come across recently, but I will stop before the article becomes to long. I urge you to think about these kind of people in your lives. Just thinking about the memory of interacting with them makes the world seem like a better place, in my humble opinion. Feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great rest of the week,



2 thoughts on “Be Inspired by the People Around You

  1. Nice. Like I’m getting inspired by all you bloggers on WordPress!
    On a serious note, sometimes our judgemental bias makes us look at some people and cultures negatively.What we’ve got to do is, to focus on the positive and we will be dealing with an entirely different person who can inspire us. A nice read 🙂

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