My name is Emma; I am an engineering graduate, and work for a medical devices company in the UK. I feel like I’ve gone through a lot of complicated situations that could have been avoided, and I suspect life is only going to get more complex! I hear so many of my friends joke about the fact that they aren’t ‘real’ adults and ‘probably never will be’, but I wish to challenge that. There are so many exciting opportunities and experiences you can have as an adult that you can’t have as a child. Personally, I think it’s been really exciting planning out my lifestyle, and becoming the person I want to be – and I’m no where near finished!

However, adulthood brings many challenges, uncomfortable situations and learning curves, and it’s the purpose of this blog to to share my experiences with you as I go along. Hopefully what I’ve learned will be helpful to someone, somewhere.

The entries will be divided into categories, so you know where to look – whether it’s practical advice you’re looking for, like how to set up bills once you start living on your own, or emotional advice, such as how to maintain long distance friendships. Hopefully this kind of advice will be useful to anyone who’s left home, but due to my situation, it will probably take the direction of how to be an effective 20-something year old living in England.

Travel with me into adulthood – let’s grow together.

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